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Upsala-Circus, the one and only circus for rebels, was founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg and works with children from various groups of social risk and children with special needs. In the circus kids can find a healthy alternative to street life. The goal of our work is to positively influence the life scenario and social status of at risk children and adolescents by means of modern circus art and creativity. They also acquire experience and life skills that can open up a better future for them – maybe even as circus artists.

Many of the children participating in the circus have spent time living rough, in children’s homes or in very difficult family situations and some of the children had been excluded from main stream schools when they first got in contact with the Upsala-Circus. Upsala tries to integrate the children back into society and the education system through art and circus.

All funds raised are used to finance the circus work, professional circus trainers and social workers but also to help the families of the children keeping them together whenever possible. Thank you for your help!