The story of Upsala-Circus began in March 2000. A German student named Astrid Schorn was completing her studies in social pedagogy in Saint Petersburg. Her goal was to rehabilitate children from the streets with the help of circus arts. She founded her unique project right on the streets of Saint Petersburg.

Larisa Afanasieva, still the executive and art director of the project nowadays, was Astrid’s partner in the project from the first day.Together they sought children from subway stations and teenage hangouts. Using juggling and unicycles Astrid and Larisa were able to form their first group of artists-to-be. In the beginning they would practice on the streets or wherever they could, in parks and on the squares. For many years Upsala-Circus has been a homeless travelling group, until in 2012 we finally built a stationary circus tent.

The first and so far the only tent for youth circus in Russia was erected in 2012 on the premises of the company Teorema. It is a dream come true for Upsala-Circus. The tent provides good lighting and sound, but most importantly it provides a space for creativity. Through creation the children contribute to the project becoming legitimate hosts of the unique atmosphere.